The Coyote Anderson Quartet

Coyote Anderson has quickly become regarded as one of the most promising up-and-coming artists in New York, both as a guitarist and a composer. As a member of the BMI Jazz Composer’s Workshop he has honed his compositional & arranging voice, which has culminated into a recording project and the formation of The Coyote Anderson Quartet. 


One thing that makes this ensemble unique is that vocalist Corina Hernandez is used to replace the traditional role of a horn. This allows the ensemble to not only do 'instrumental' tunes but also newer works of Coyote’s that set the poetry of others into a jazz context. The quartet is rounded out by Carl Limbacher on bass and Diego Maldonado on drums, who both perform regularly in many NYC based ensembles, ranging from jazz & world music groups to pop & rock bands.


'Innervoices' is Coyote’s first official release as a leader and the debut of this fantastic band. Through the Quartet’s incorporation of vocals, poetry & electronics into arrangements, Coyote’s compositions have become fully-realized in a form that has been described as “...pure musical genius.”

Released in conjunction with the Canopy Jazz Group

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Photos by Kristina Koller

Performing 'Encounters' Live on Studio Radio 45

Praise for The Coyote Anderson Quartet & 'Innervoices':

"Innervoices is an album that brings back the faith in beautiful and well-crafted compositions. Coyote Anderson and his group have clearly made a brilliant musical statement that all should participate in. Anderson’s guitar work proves just as incredible as his compositions and is certainly one to keep an eye on. I couldn’t recommend this album more."          

"Up until now, my flirtation with jazz has been a cautious one, since I like to know where I’m going, with no surprises along the way. Therefore, I was totally unprepared to fall head-over-heels for the Quartet , Coyote, and all that jazz ... these guys are the real deal."

-The River Reporter